Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Join this Group to Save Facebook!

Newsflash: Petitions have exactly zero effect on the outcome of federal cases. Don't get me wrong, I love protest season as much as the next guy; I mean who wouldn't want to make a difference by holding a 8.5x11 piece of paper emblazoned with the words "save the pigeons" written in magic marker? It bothers me a bit when I get multiple invitations to groups which lack even a cursory Googling of the structure of the federal judicial system (hint: they aren't elected).

Also, when a company reaches a certain size, it gets sued. That's how litigation works. If there is even a minute chance that you could make a buck off of someone else's good fortune and hard work, you sue them. That's the American Way™. This is what will happen: the case will brew for a little while, the other guy will run out of money and give up, and nobody will remember that anything happened.