Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What a functional desktop looks like

As a followup to my first Un-Terrible-ize
Ubuntu 11.10
post, I thought I'd show everyone what my computer looks like
after reverting the desktop to a working state.

Configuring Printers in Ubuntu 11.10

Welcome back to my ongoing adventures in making
Ubuntu work
once again. Today's episode features printing!

So upon trying to print a document, I found that my printer hadn't been set up.
No problem! I guess I had forgotten to do so. So I jetted on over to the "System
Settings" application, which helpfully had a "Printers" button. "Why hello Mr.
Printers button," I said. "Let's go on a magical printer-configuring adventure,
just the two of us!" Clicking on Mr. Printers, I was greeted with the Nice™,
Shiny™, Sexy™ Interface below: