Saturday, July 24, 2010

FroYo on the Droid, a Browser Benchmark Update

Yesterday I rooted my Droid to install the "FRG01" leaked version of Android 2.2 (FroYo) for my Droid. I figured I'd run the SunSpider browser benchmark again to see what (if anything) had changed as far as the browser went. I knew that there were supposed to be speed improvements in FroYo, both to the underlying Android system and also with the browser specifically, so I figured I'd put the fancy new JIT to the test.

If you remember from the last test the Droid got a total of 22264.3ms. With the newly-installed FroYo browser, that time dropped to 11520.6ms. Yes, the browser on the newest release is almost exactly twice as fast as it used to be. Behold the power of the JIT!

Here is an updated spreadsheet with the new Droid versus the old Droid browser results:

As you can see, Eclair is about half the speed (twice the time) of FroYo, and this is running on the exact same phone. I haven't overclocked the phone or anything, so this should be a pretty representative test. This also means that a Droid with FroYo does JavaScript at almost exactly the same speed as an iPad (at least when I tested the iPad). Not bad, little Droid!

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