Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What a functional desktop looks like

As a followup to my first Un-Terrible-ize
Ubuntu 11.10
post, I thought I'd show everyone what my computer looks like
after reverting the desktop to a working state.

Here is what it looks like now:

Nice, neat, with all of the things I want and none of the things I don't want. I
have a couple of customizations for Firefox (like the tabs on the side), and
along the top is the "System Monitor" applet, which displays (from left to
right) the current CPU usage, memory usage, network activity, swap space, load
average, and disk usage. That's undoubtedly overly geeky for many people, but I
find it quite useful.

Now, for comparison, here is what the default Ubuntu 11.10 interface looks like:

This is a direct screen shot. True story.

Later on, I may post a step-by-step description or even a script for getting
from the bottom image to the top.

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