Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Trying an Android ROM

Against my better judgment, I am going to take another shot at installing a ROM on my phone. The battery life could use some improvement, and people have claimed that some of the 3rd-party ROMs can help with that. I know I have promised myself not to play with ROMs on my phone again, since the result is usually a big waste of time with nothing to show for it, but this time is different.

Brace yourselves for a follow-up in which I immediately regret this decision.


  1. I've been using CyanogenMod 7 on an HTC Thunderbolt for the past couple years- Root + ROM + Wireless Tether + Unlimited Plan = heaven. Unfortunately for me my data's gone spotty these past few months... I imagine HTC and Verizon updated their radios, and CM7 was never really supported for the Thunderbolt by the Cyanogenmod team... so now I'm dead until they finalize their Android 4.1 ROM. Yeah, now that I think about it, ROMs are kind of irritating.

  2. I messed up my OG Droid mightily due to ROMing, so I've been gun-shy every since. After only a day, things seem to be going alright so far (famous last words). My main impetus for messing with this stuff was to improve battery life, since the phone would get pretty warm after relatively light use.

    P.S. This is embarrassing, but to what does "rmvsintheta" refer? I remember knowing it years ago, but my mental faculties have atrophied in the intervening time.